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Driving under the influence has some immediate and brutal consequences. It is important to appear at your first court date, an arraignment, on time and prepared. Call our Whatcom County DUI attorneys for immediate help.  We offer reasonable attorney fees and low retainers. We are located in Bellingham only a couple of blocks from Whatcom County District Court.


David N. Jolly Criminal Defense Attorney

An experienced Whatcom County DUI attorney from our law firm can fight to help keep your license and protect you in court.  You may be facing court immediately so please give us a call and set up a complimentary consultation before you go to court. We have more than 60 years of combined experience and I have written more than 25 legal books about criminal defense and the DUI process.  We have worked very hard over our decades of practice to earn our respect in the legal community. With us on your side you have the best opportunity for a superior result in your Whatcom County DUI case. 


Whatcom County Criminal Court

Whatcom County District Court is the largest court house complex north of Snohomish County.  There are two District Court Judges, Judge Grant and Judge Elich and one Court Commission, Commissioner Parise. Whatcom County District Court is located on the fourth floor of the courthouse and your appearance will likely be shortly after your release from custody or very soon thereafter. It is critical to appear for every court date on time and be well prepared.

License Suspension Whatcom County DUI

Your driving privilege is at risk the moment the officer contacts you.  In most instances (unless there is a blood draw and no refusal of the breath test) your license will be suspended 30 days following your arrest for DUI. This suspension will be for at least 90 days and up to one-year and beyond, for a first time offense.  To give yourself every opportunity to save your driving privilege you must contest this suspension but filing a DUI Request for Hearing within 7 days of your DUI arrest.

Washington State DUI Penalties

The penalties for driving under the influence are severe. For a first time offender, if convicted of DUI in Whatcom County, the minimum penalties include 1-day of jail (24 hours), 90 day license suspension, 1-year ignition interlock device, $991 fine and in Whatcom County, 5 years of probation with the first 2 years supervised (at a cost of $3300). And, these are minimum penalties! It is very important to have an experience advocate on your side, call our Whatcom County DUI lawyers today for a free consultation.

Whatcom County Criminal Probation

Probation is very popular in Whatcom County. DUI Attorneys are well aware of this fact and will likely advise you of the same information time and time again, avoid probation if possible and if not possible, keep your probation officer happy! If your case is particularly bad (high BAC, accident, children in car) or if you have a prior DUI arrest, you will be placed on probation immediately after your DUI arraignment in Whatcom County. Be aware that you will be required to submit to random UA (urinalysis) testing so do not consume alcohol or marijuana while on probation in Whatcom County.

Whatcom County Ignition Interlock Device

If convicted of a DUI or should you successfully enter into a deferred prosecution, you will be required to install and maintain an ignition interlock device. Additionally, if you have a prior DUI arrest you can expect the Whatcom County Judge to order you to install the ignition interlock within 5-days of your first court appearance. The rules for use and removal of this device are changing annually and violations are deemed very serious (and serious penalties will occur).  Please talk to our Whatcom County DUI lawyers and we can talk you through the process to avoid any future problems.

Whatcom County Bail Bonds

In Whatcom County, the great majority of those arrest for DUI are booked into the Whatcom County Jail. This is not the "law" but a local policy that the prosecutor's office and local law enforcement firmly believe in. The majority of those arrested for DUI spend about 12 hours in custody however, if there is no available Judge or if the arrested DUI driver is from out of county, the stay in jail will be longer. It is probable that Bail will be permitted and if so, posting bail will release the defendant from custody. The easiest way to be released from jail is to contact a Bellingham bail bond company.

Whatcom County DUI Handbook

David has written more than 25 legal books during his years as an attorney. Please download a complimentary copy of the Whatcom County DUI Handbook immediately below. The book details the DUI process from the beginning until the end and provides helpful information on how to improve the outcome of your case. The book also givens practical information on how to deal with the DOL and the deferred prosecution procedures. It is the only book of its kind - and totally free!


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DUI Lawyers in Whatcom County

The State of Washington imposes significant penalties for DUI drivers. Aside from the possibility of a loss of license and jail time, other penalties may include fines, mandatory drug/alcohol evaluation, the use of an ignition interlock device, and attending a Alcohol Drug Information School or significant alcohol/drug treatment. As Whatcom County DUI defense attorneys we are familiar with all of these possibilities and will defend you to get the possible resolution while minimizing possible penalties.  

A DUI Defense attorney in Whatcom County will also help you navigate through the court system to make things as easy on you as possible. The DUI process in Washington involves an arraignment and a series of hearings prior to the actual trial. In addition to court there will be a hearing regarding your driver's license through the state Department of Licensing within 30 days of your arrest. These different proceedings can make the legal system confusing. Each hearing requires certain actions and preparation in order to put you in the best position for your case. With our firm you will have superior guidance and two Whatcom County DUI attorneys reviewing your case every step of the way. There are few law firms in Washington more familiar with the DUI laws than The Law Firm of David N. Jolly. The Law Firm of David N. Jolly literally wrote the book on the DUI process in Washington, with David Jolly having authored more than 25 DUI and traffic related books, including The DUI Handbook for the Accused, The Ultimate Washington State DUI Handbook, and the Washington State DUI Pocket Handbook. Most recently we have had published the Whatcom County DUI Handbook.  We feel our focus on DUI law makes us the best Whatcom County DUI attorney for you. 


The Law Firm of David N. Jolly is located directly across from the Whatcom County Courthouse and David Jolly can meet with you shortly after your release from Jail and before court.  Further, the Law Firm provides complimentary material that can help and educate you so that you will be prepared prior to appearing in court. The Whatcom County DUI Handbook is available for free download in addition to alcohol charts, licensing charts and deferred prosecution handouts.  The Whatcom County DUI Defense attorneys at the Firm are not only dedicated to top legal representation but superior service.

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