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Being arrested for DUI in Skagit County results in an immediate court date.  Within only a day or two of your release from custody you will be expected to appear in Skagit County District Court.  The benefit of hiring our law firm is not simply that you have hired experienced and competent Skagit County lawyers, but you are hiring attorneys who can react quickly to your urgent needs.  We also offer flexible payments plans, competitive pricing, and a low retainer so you can afford to hire us quickly.  Most importantly, when you hire one of our Skagit County DUI Defense lawyers you can trust you have given yourself the very best chance of a successful outcome.


David N. Jolly Criminal Defense Attorney Skagit County WA

Defending your DUI starts here!  David N. Jolly is a Skagit County DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer who handles drunk driving cases in Mount Vernon, Washington and Skagit County.  DUI Attorney David N. Jolly is also the author of more than 25 DUI and Traffic books and possesses the knowledge to mount an aggressive Criminal Defense in your case.  ​Drunk driving is a serious charge and Washington State courts have consequences that are severe and life altering. To successfully challenge your case, you need the help of Skagit County DUI Attorney David N. Jolly and his team of qualified staff. 


Skagit County Criminal Court

Skagit County District Court is located in downtown Mt. Vernon and will demand you appear in court the next available date following your arrest for DUI. Skagit County attorneys are well aware of the unusual procedures employed by the court, but many other lawyers will not be as aware. Your first court appearance is called a preliminary appearance and not an arraignment.  The arraignment will actually occur two weeks later. It is important you consult with a local attorney before court.

License Suspension Skagit County DUI

The Department of Licensing makes it very difficult from the moment you provide or refuse a breath sample. First, if your BAC is over 0.08 you will lose your license for no  less than 90 days, 30 days after the arrest for DUI. Skagit County lawyers will advise you correctly that you must submit to the DOL a DUI hearing request within 7 days of the incident to preserve your privilege to drive.  You should have received the form but if not, please contact us directly or the DOL to prepare the form.

Washington State DUI Penalties

The penalties for DUI are extreme. However, two of the significant penalties can be improved through negotiation in Skagit County.  Jail can be negotiated to an "alternative" if the jail is two days or less. The alternative is to convert the jail to the "One Day Offender" program. This program permits the defendant to serve the jail in a dormitory at the Skagit County Fairgrounds. The other penalty that can be negotiated is probation. Knowing the nuances is important with DUI cases.

Skagit County Criminal Probation

Probation is a penalty that might be imposed immediately if you have a prior DUI arrest. Please take Probation very seriously. If you miss probation meetings or test positive for alcohol, you can expect a summons to appear in court and the Skagit County Judge will not take kindly to such violations. Following the completion of a DUI case you will most certainly be on probation. Again, follow the rules and make probation happy. One of my goals as a Skagit County defense attorney is to eliminate the need for active probation. This saves significant money, liability and inconvenience. Call me to find out how.

Skagit County Ignition Interlock Device

You may be required to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle at your very first court appearance. The Judges in Skagit County Courts will quickly Order the device installed if they believe you are a danger to the community. Such a decision will occur if you have a prior DUI offense (in this case the installation is mandatory) or if the facts of the DUI are extreme.  Following the case, should you be convicted of DUI or enter into the deferred prosecution program, you will be required by law to install the device. The law is complex however, so please discuss with your Skagit DUI lawyer.

Skagit County Bail Bonds

Bail will be set in a Skagit County case if you are placed into custody (jail) over a weekend, if the facts of your driving under the influence case are concerning to the officer or if there is a warrant out for your arrest. In order to bail out of custody you can either "post bail" in cash (depositing the required amount in full with the Jail) or contact a Bail Bond Company. There are several good Bail Bond companies in downtown Mt. Vernon who you can assist you. Should you work with a Bail Bonds company you would post 10% of the total and the Bail Bonds company would post the rest. This amount is non-refundable.

Skagit County DUI Handbook

David has written more than 25 criminal defense and DUI books during his many years as an attorney. Please download a complimentary copy of the Skagit County DUI Handbook below. The book describes in detail the Skagit County DUI process as well as the licensing procedures you must know. There are no other books like this in Skagit County and best of all, it is complimentary. Please download your copy, below.


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If you are convicted for a DUI offense in the State of Washington, even if this is your first, the consequences include paying fines up to $5,000, installing an ignition interlock device, purchasing SR 22 insurance, losing your driver’s license for no less than 90 days, compulsory alcohol evaluation, an alcohol awareness class or treatment, a DUI victim panel and mandatory jail.  Worse yet, having a criminal record could impact your ability to find or keep a job and even your ability to travel or move to another State.  These potential problems are too serious to ignore. To get help protecting your future, contact Skagit County DUI Defense Attorney David N. Jolly now.

One of the most concerning by products of an arrest for DUI in Skagit County is the potential licensing consequences. The Department of Licensing is another governmental entity that has tremendous power combined with absolutely no sympathy. Contesting the license suspension starts with submitting the DOL Hearing Request form within 7 days of your arrest for DUI. Following your application submission you will receive notice from the DOL with two weeks and a notice of the date and time of the hearing.  The hearing is not for the faint at heart and you must rely heavily on your Skagit County DUI lawyer to win the hearing.  Should you lose the hearing you will suffer a loss of license.  If this occurs you will be able to apply for an Ignition Interlock License and continue to drive lawfully!

Skagit County has a rather unique system that requires essentially two "first" appearances. The first court appearance, which may be the day following your arrest for DUI, is to determine if the Court has jurisdiction and to set specific conditions of your release - or in the worst of situations, take you into custody. This court appearance in Skagit County is called a "preliminary" court appearance. The second court appearance, usually two weeks later, is your formal arraignment.  You must appear at both unless you have already hired a Skagit County DUI attorney.  If you have retained an experienced Skagit County DUI defense lawyer for your first court your counsel will request the court combine both court appearances so you need only appearance once.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly understand Washington DUI laws and he know how to use both these laws and the legal process to defend their clients.  They will protect your rights and work towards a dismissal or reduction of your DUI charges.  Because of the required and necessary immediate appearance in court you must very quickly speak to a Skagit County DUI Attorney.  Call us today for a free consultation.

The primary goal of your Skagit County criminal defense lawyer is to have your DUI charge reduced or even dismissed.  However, short of a dismissal you can expect to have to complete certain requirements regardless of the outcome. Knowing this it would be to your advantage to understand and more importantly undertake some of the expected requirements of you as soon as you are able following your first court appearance in Skagit County Court.

To get help with your Washington DUI, contact Skagit County DUI criminal Defense Lawyer David N. Jolly by calling (360) 336-8722.  The initial review of your case is free and confidential. 

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