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Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Washington is a very serious offense and Washington DUI laws reflect this severity by imposing some of the toughest penalties in the nation.   And for these reasons  you must immediately talk to a Bellingham DUI lawyer as soon as you can following your arrest. You may appear in Bellingham Municipal Court the day following your arrest so please call for a complimentary consultation. 


David N. Jolly Criminal Defense Attorney Bellingham

I offer immediate and free consultations and will take the time to talk about your Bellingham DUI case prior to court.  It is important to know as much as you can early as there are time restrictions, such as appealing your license suspension.  I am a graduate Northern Illinois University College of Law where I represented the Law School in Moot Court Competitions and was the school’s valedictorian. Since graduating nearly 25 years ago, I have had significant experience in both criminal and civil litigation.  I am a member of the Washington State Bar Association and Whatcom County Bar Association and a member of the National College of DUI Defense. In my decades of practice I have successfully handled thousands of cases to resolution. I would love to help you too.  Please call my office to schedule a free, no obligation meeting.


Bellingham Criminal Court

Bellingham Municipal Court is a busy court and know to be a very tough place to be a defendant. When you first appear, arrive early and well dressed.  It is very important you are well counseled prior to appearing in court or better yet, have an experienced Bellingham lawyer with you. Bellingham prosecuting attorneys are known to ask for very strict conditions at the first court date so be armed and dangerous.

License Suspension Bellingham DUI

Following your arrest for DUI in Bellingham the officer should provide you with a form to request a hearing with the Department of Licensing (DOL). You must act quickly. You only have 7 days to send in this form. If you do not, your license will be suspended automatically. Please check out licensing page for more details on the procedures you must follow in order to give you every opportunity of saving your driver's license.

Washington State DUI Penalties

In addition to jail, the consequences for driving under the influence in Whatcom County, WA can be quite severe. The penalties can include a mandatory jail term, court fines, automatic suspension of driver's license and the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device. Jail is to be avoided at all costs and we would love to tell you how that can be done in your Bellingham Municipal Court case (yes, it can be done).

Bellingham Criminal Probation

Probation can be very expensive, $3,300 expensive!  It also has tremendous liability and is inconvenient.  In Whatcom County District Court active or supervised probation is assumed as mandatory but in Bellingham Municipal Court it can in some instances, be avoided.  Call us to find out how.


Bellingham Ignition Interlock Device

We hate the ignition interlock device but the reality is that if you have a prior DUI arrest, are convicted of DUI, do the deferred prosecution or lose your license, you will need to get an ignition interlock device. We help all of our clients get the device and we also educate them on how to avoid many of the typical problems.

Bellingham Bail Bonds

Most DUI defendants in Bellingham cases are booked into Jail.  If you want to be released earlier than usual you will need the help of a Bellingham Bail Bonds company. The Bail Bonds company can make the process of bailing out of Jail far easier and ultimately, less expensive.

Whatcom County DUI Handbook Bellingham

David has written more than 25 legal books during his years as an attorney. Please download a complimentary copy of the Whatcom County DUI Handbook. The book details the Bellingham DUI process and will help you get through a difficult time. It is the only book of its kind - and totally free!


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DUI Lawyers in Bellingham Washington

Whatcom County Washington DUI Lawyer David N. Jolly offers a complete drunk driving defense. He is committed to protecting your rights, defending your liberty and fighting for the best possible resolution for you. Besides providing strong and competent legal representation, he knows how stressful your situation is and will take the time to explain things to you and guide you through the entire defense process. While each case is unique, Whatcom County DUI Attorney David N. Jolly will try to get your charges reduced or your case dismissed. The Law Firm of David N. Jolly strive to offer the most aggressive and intelligent defense to those accused of driving under the influence in Whatcom County, Washington.

​Bellingham, Whatcom County DUI Attorney David N. Jolly will answer your questions and address your concerns. Being arrested in Bellingham for DUI is not a time to panic or hope things will work out; it's a time to hire an experienced Bellingham criminal defense attorney who will professionally fight for your rights.  Give us a call to discuss your case in detail.  We will take a measured and thoughtful approach to your case and begin to build a strategy on how to both attack the City's case and protect you in court.  As a matter of courtesy, we will also fight your related traffic infraction at no extra cost.

A conviction for driving under the influence in Washington will also result in a permanent criminal record, which will have potentially life-changing consequences. A simple background check could lead to loss of your existing job and reduced future employment options. It would affect your credit rating, requiring you to pay higher interest on credit accounts or keeping you from qualifying for a mortgage. Canada is using improved data sharing with the United States to enforce its long-standing policy of denying entry to those with certain criminal convictions.

In addition to the quantifiable penalties following an arrest for a Washington DUI, you are probably experiencing emotions humiliation, depression and uncertainty. After your arrest for driving under the influence in Washington, there is hope however. Hiring an experienced and qualified Bellingham DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer will ensure that your voice is heard in court and that your rights are preserved. It is important to try to keep your record clean. For immediate help, contact Bellingham DUI Lawyer David N. Jolly and request a free initial consultation.

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