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A DUI can lead to very serious repercussions, and can be particularly intimidating in Lynden. DUI attorneys with The Law Firm of David N. Jolly are standing by waiting to use their years of expertise to help you with your DUI case. If you have been arrested for a crime in Lynden, Washington then it is highly probable you will also have received a citation indicating a mandatory court date.  This first court date may come only days after the arrest and because the Judge may impose very strict conditions, it is critical to consult with a Whatcom County criminal defense lawyer prior to your first appearance in Lynden Municipal Court.


David N. Jolly Criminal Defense Attorney Lynden WA

If you have been arrested for DUI in Lynden you must immediately seek advice from an experienced Lynden DUI Lawyer. We are those attorneys! With more than 60 years of combined criminal law practice, the Law Firm of David N. Jolly has the experience and knowledge you need on your side. Our reputation of professionalism and success has been well earned by many years battling on behalf of clients in court.  We also offer a wide range of DUI fees to accommodate virtually all budgets.  Call us for a FREE consultation.


Whatcom County Criminal Court Lynden

The Lynden Municipal Court meets weekly and unlike some of the other small City Whatcom County courts, the Lynden court is not too bad (physically). The court is run a little different however, and understanding the process is more important here than in other neighboring courts. The prosecuting attorney is tough and during court, he is flanked by both probation and an Lynden City officer. Every court appearance is mandatory and the Judge will require you seek legal representation. We would love to help!

License Suspension Whatcom County DUI Lynden WA

Your driving privilege is in jeopardy! Washington State imposes very harsh and almost immediate sanctions so do no delay.  Please contact us for immediately information and do not forget that you only have 7 days to save your license. Further, please check out our licensing page on this website for detailed information and all of the updates we expect throughout the course of the year.

Washington State DUI Penalties Lynden WA

DUI penalties are harsh and expected.  Part of the complication when dealing with the court system is avoiding all of the severe penalties that must be imposed if convicted of DUI. Even though some of these penalties are considered "mandatory minimum" penalties, do not expect the prosecutor to offer you minimum penalties if your DUI case is particularly bad (i.e. accident). Again, this is another reason why you need an experienced Lynden DUI lawyer.

Lynden WA Criminal Probation

The City of Lynden does not have their own probation department and use the Whatcom County Probation Department. Understanding how this department works is important when trying to remain compliant. Please follow your attorney's advice when dealing with the probation department. 

Whatcom County Ignition Interlock Device Lynden WA

An ignition interlock device will be required by the Department of Licensing if convicted of a Lynden DUI or if you chose to participate in the deferred prosecution program. Over the years we have seen many of our clients make innocent mistakes with this device so we spend considerable time with each client trying to help them avoid these costly mistakes.

Lynden WA Bail Bonds

The City of Lynden does not have their own jail but instead, use the Whatcom County Jail.  In fact, this is where you will most likely end up at the end of the DUI investigation. To get yourself out early, contact a bail bonds company in Bellingham who can post bail and get you released from the Jail.

Whatcom County DUI Handbook Lynden

David has written more than 25 legal books during his years as an attorney. Please download a complimentary copy of the Whatcom County DUI Handbook. The book details the Lynden DUI process and will help improve your case and avoid certain penalties. There is no other book like it and best of all, it is free!


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DUI Lawyers in Lynden Whatcom County

Of course, the biggest worry for many DUI defendants is losing your license. There are two ways this can happen in Lynden. DUI defense attorneys will walk you through both of them: first, you need to request a hearing from the Washington Department of Licensing so they don't suspend your license just for being charged with a DUI. This hearing needs to be requested quickly and we can make sure you don't miss any deadlines. Secondly, a conviction of DUI in Lynden may result in a license suspension with the Department of Licensing. We will work closely with you to build the strongest case possible for keeping your license. We can help you through this process step by step.

An arrest for DUI in Lynden will change your life.  Regardless of the outcome you will be required to appear in court and hire an attorney.  Because of the serious nature of the offense and the harsh penalties that are possible, you deserve and must demand the very best criminal defense available in Whatcom County.  Our DUI defense attorneys understand Washington DUI law inside and out and will assist you throughout the process while fighting hard to achieve the very best results possible.  Do not fight alone, retain the very best legal assistance you can.

​​Your first job following your arrest for a crime and prior to court is to educate yourself about the process.  This starts with meeting with a DUI lawyer.   Our Lynden, Washington attorneys are prepared to talk to you at any time and meet with you prior to your court date.  We understand you have many questions about court, your driver's license and what options you may have to avoid a DUI conviction.  It won't be easy but you will do far better with the help of an experienced Whatcom County criminal defense attorney than you will without one.

There are a number of DUI penalties to be aware of in Lynden. DUI attorneys at The Law Firm of David Jolly will coach you through all of them. The one that many people do not expect has to do with the mandatory alcohol and drug evaluation. The court will order you to be evaluated for alcohol abuse issues, something we can help you get through confidently. If it is determined that you have an addiction issue you may be required to complete a treatment program. If not, then you will still be sent to a alcohol and drug awareness class. It is in your best interest to complete this course before your final court date as a show of good faith, and our attorneys will give you all the information you need to do so.

As Lynden DUI attorneys our first objective is to inform all of our clients or those who inquire about their case of the process involved in defending a charge of driving under the influence.  This counsel includes dealing with the Lynden Municipal Court and the Department of Licensing.  Both issues are complex and come with potentially severe consequences.

The Lynden court process is often the most intimidating, and it is our duty to protect our clients from the prosecuting attorney (Lynden  Municipal or Whatcom County District Court) and Judges in Whatcom County.  While it is generally agreed that the Lynden court process is the most intimidating, the other issues that will be present cannot be overlooked either.

For a free consultation about your case please contact one of our Lynden DUI attorneys today.

City of Lynden Court Information

Lynden Municipal Court

205 4th Street
Lynden, WA 98264
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Whatcom County Probation

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Suite 406

Bellingham, WA 98225

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Whatcom County Jail

311 Grand Avenue, B2

Bellingham, WA 98225

(360) 778-6500

Whatcom County Jail Work Center

2030 Division Street

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(360) 778-6450

Friendship Diversion Services

114 W. Magnolia

Suite 109

Bellingham, WA 98558

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